Gourmet Park - New York Meal delivery business.

Gourmet Park is a New York based $type enterprise located in New York. Company's registered address is 119 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022. Further in detail information is provided in the corresponding sections. You can also read the customer reviews about Gourmet Park as well as sharing your own experience.

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  • Zip code: 10022
  • State: NY
  • City: New York
  • Street: 119 E 60th St


Gourmet Park - Questions and Answers

What's Gourmet Park's phone number ?

+1 212-935-8500


  • Joe Joe09 May 2019

    Ordered chicken kebab and 2 seprate people were re grilling the chicken and i noticed they were both touching my chicken with their bare hands. The manager is definitely not qualified to run this place. A health inspector needs to visit this place asap. (Chicken and rice tasted terrible as well)

  • sandy ch09 May 2019

    I placed an ordered for pick up and Melissa took my order of two platters (eggs bacon and home fries). I picked up the order, I didn’t check right away because I always buy food from this place however when I got to work i was missing home fries and bacon on one of the orders. I called Melissa back and she stated that she didn’t hear my order correctly and if I could pick up the remaining of the order. I said I could not leave work until lunch time so I asked to deliver it. When I received the delivery of the missing home fries and bacon I was being charged $3 when I called her back she stated she hadn’t charged me for the bacon... Is bacon $3 now? Anyway thank you Melissa my company and co-workers are aware of this and we will now be visiting This deli ...

  • Harold Bowles09 May 2019

    The food is ok, but the customer service is horrible. I went into the store on a Sunday (3/24/19) and the little lady at the register who claimed to be a manager mumbled a curse word at me in Spanish. I also notice the employees treat African Americans customers differently from every other race. I have watched employees give me a hard time and turn around and give way better service to others ethnic groups.

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