The VNYL- Vintage New York LifestyleNight club

100 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003, USA

The VNYL- Vintage New York Lifestyle - New York Night club business.

The VNYL- Vintage New York Lifestyle is a New York based $type enterprise located in New York. Company's registered address is 100 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003. Further in detail information is provided in the corresponding sections. You can also read the customer reviews about The VNYL- Vintage New York Lifestyle as well as sharing your own experience.

Every perspective is valuable, giving more insight on The VNYL- Vintage New York Lifestyle-run Night club services, helping to compare it with similar businesses in New York.


  • Zip code: 10003
  • State: NY
  • City: New York
  • Street: 100 3rd Ave


The VNYL- Vintage New York Lifestyle - Questions and Answers

What is the official website of The VNYL- Vintage New York Lifestyle ?

What's The VNYL- Vintage New York Lifestyle's phone number ?

+1 212-633-2000


  • Alex02 May 2019

    The security guys are amazing professionals. Not like the other places. This place made me feel comfortable and relaxed because they where doing the right thing. Very happy!!!

  • Kamui G.02 May 2019

    Meet up with friend here. When we got there it was packed and I’m too old to be shoved around plus I had cards against humanity sets with me in a bag. Decided to get bottle service so we would have some space. At first, Jessica took my friend and I up the third floor which was ridiculously packed. She tried to clear the area that was suppose to be for bottle service but people were bumping and pushing... some didn’t want to move their belongs, so there was a bunch of people’s belongs there still. I told Jessica, no way I could do that area since I couldn’t even breath (it was hot, packed and people pushing into the small table). Thank god she listen and moved us the second floor. Giving three starts instead of less because Jessica was on top of things. Even her thank you email was a bit calming.

  • Daniel Corcoran02 May 2019

    My first experience was a Goldfinger event hosted at VNYL last month. The space and accoustics (good dampening / noise abatement) was perfect for both good 1-1 discussions and full room presentation / discussions with a large screen for projection. The bartenders are friendly and bring a great mood. Great place to meet and speak with people. I am very impressed.

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